Edmonton Home Inspection Common Issues 5 top issues to check for

Dated: January 29 2024

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Working with Buyers the question of inspections come up. It is something we always recommend (unless the buyer has their own team), it is also important for sellers to recognize what will likely come up when they have a buyer interested in buying their house.

The first part is expectation.  I believe when a buyer is educated it takes much of the frustration out of the process. 

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So, you are planning on putting your house up for sale (or you want to put an offer on a property) what are common things to expect for an inspection?

I was happy to have Josh (Edmonton local property inspector, carpenter and contractor) come to our Edmonton Windermere office to go over a handful of points that come up.

Edmonton Home Inspections Point1: New Furnace. New Hot Water Tank

Furnaces are tricky. Some furnaces last forever but if you have an original furnace in an old home, you do take on a risk of it breaking down. Or the expense of updating to a high efficiency model.  Obviously, you should look at the purchase price and what makes sense but I think in home ownership in general there is a chance that a furnace can breakdown. In an inspection they can check if there is a leak or a problem with the furnace. If there is no problem then the age may not be the biggest concern, all things considered.

For hot water tanks, the age does matter. Generally, if they are older than 10 years there is a high chance that they will need to be replaced.  If they are 20 years old, it is probably best to add the replacement into the purchase price or consider that cost. Working with different properties depending on the system the price changes but I have had them replaced for anywhere between $1000 and $1800.  So, if you are selling your home and you have an old hot water tank(s) expect that the buyer will either negotiate on the price or they will consider this when they are making an offer.

Edmonton Home Inspections Point2: Loose Toilets

As Josh explains this is not a huge deal.  Sometimes the bolt can be off so maybe simply tightening it won't work, or even a little caulking, but even then, you can get a wax and bolt set for $10 and just need help emptying the water, taking the bolts off and putting a new bolt and wax ring on, which isn't a huge job and a fairly easy DIY task.

Edmonton Home Inspections Point3: Loose cabinet handles

Usually, a simple fix with a screw driver. If you are selling your house and you know of small issues like this and feel overwhelmed, ask your real estate agent. We have many connections and if we cannot just give you a hand ourselves, we have a lot of resources and connections and with small things either we just help or we can connect you.

Edmonton Home Inspections Point4: Downspouts

For downspouts the cost of parts is not expensive but when it comes to roofing generally someone needs to be up on a ladder and some homeowners may not want to take that risk themselves.  The problem can also come when it is clear that the downspouts, gutters, roof, etc. are not set up well and in order homes, or rather over time, these issues can cause damage to the landscaping/sloping and eventually the foundation so when an inspector sees visible problems with the roof, the grading of the land or the downspouts they look more closely for foundation cracks, signs of flooding or water damage.

Edmonton Home Inspections Point5: Range Hood vent exhaust / Dryer Exhaust

For the range hood making sure the exhaust if connect properly is generally just making an adjustment without needing parts, or changing a carbon filter, etc.  If the dryer does not have a vent going outside, then generally this means that you need a special dryer or you need someone to drill the hole and vent the dryer exhaust to outside. In some cases, you may need to open the wall(s) or ceiling so this could be a slightly bigger project.

Last point on Old Homes with Vinyl slider windows

A simple fix for squeaking or harder to move slider windows is White Lithium Grease on the bottom track which allows it to move smoothly.

Special thanks to Josh Born from Canadian Residential Inspection services here in Edmonton. If you are interested in hiring Josh, he can be reached at

780-920-2676  IG:  @yeghomeinspections771  FB:  /homeinspectionsyeg

Derek is licensed Edmonton Realtor® for residential, commercial, and rural real estate, plus has many years of personal and business experience to be able to understand your needs.

Text or Call Derek Keet at 5875983248 or realtor@dkeet.ca

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Edmonton Home Inspection Common Issues 5 top issues to check for

Edmonton Home Inspection Common Issues 5 top issues to check forWorking with Buyers the question of inspections come up. It is something we always recommend (unless the buyer has their own team), it

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